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Who Really Deserves To Win At A Car Show?

Are stock rides worthy of placing at an auto show? Hmmmm...
By Jance Burch, Owner of Jance Customs

I usually only make it to about 3 or 4 car shows a year. I hardly ever stick around for the trophy presentation since it is usually a two day event. So now that I am showing my prototype, I will be getting a chance to stick around and see who wins.

I don't expect to get a trophy or even deserve one, I am just trying to get people interested in my inventions, but that's not what I'm getting at.

After attending my first show as a participant I got to spend more time looking around at my competition. I got to see what other trucks I was up against. Not that it makes any difference since I am not competing and I am only showing the tonneau cover.

I don't remember how many other trucks I was up against in my class, but it wasn't that many, since it was a small car show. I stuck around after the show was over to see who won the top three trophies of each class. The winners were based on votes by the other participants of the show.

I don't have a problem with that style of voting. My problem is the actually winners of the class or overall winners. I think there should be a set number of modifications in order to receive a trophy. Maybe 3 modifications at the least.

I think anyone that wants to enter the show should be able to. But not necessarily be the winner of their entered class. The class that I was in had 2 brand new Chevy SSR's straight off the show room floor, without any modifications. Those two trucks took two of the top three trophy's in that class.

Now don't get me wrong, those are great trucks and I don't have a problem with them. I just don't think they deserved to win considering they were brand new stock trucks straight off the showroom floor with no modifications. Where's the glory in that?

If you can enter a brand new truck and win a show with it, how is that any different from entering a rental car? Truth is, it's not. So is that fair to the other CUSTOM trucks in their class? My answer is no. Those owners have at least taken the time to modify or restore their trucks condition.

My Dodge is not a show truck by any means. It doesn't even deserve to rank at a car show. modifications, I want to do more. Body work, it could use a lot. New paint job, I want graphics to stand out. New rims and tires, I need bigger ones. New stereo, need that too. New engine, how about a Viper V-10.

So if I made those adjustments to my truck, would that make it show quality and a shot at a trophy? I think it would. So if that happens that would be better than just buying a new truck and showing it? I would be getting something that no one else has. So that would beat signing on the dotted line at a dealership, right? I think so.

So back to my question. Who really deserves to win at a car show?

A brand new stock pickup truck or someone who has actually done something to their ride other than washing it. You decide. You already know my answer. Besides I thought it was a car show and not an auto show?

This is Jance and that was My 2 Cents.

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