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Introducing... Tonneau Gate!

Turn your pickup truck bed into a trunk!
Text and Photos courtesey of Jance Customs

Tonneau Gate - Innovation By Jance Customs

Tonneau Gate is the first and ONLY tonneau cover with its shape, features, and design. It has been designed to fit any truck application with a bed, regardless of dimensions, shape, make or model, or even the year of the truck. It is designed to be the most convenient tonneau cover ever made.

The current prototype will give you a good example of what a production piece could look like. Since the tailgate is being lifted instead of being lowered, the bed gains up to two feet of loading and unloading room using Tonneau Gate. Gas mileage is a lot better due to better air flow with the more aerodynamic design.

At first glance you don't notice that any modification has taken place. Since the license plate and reverse lights are all on the cover together, they really blend in with the rest of the truck giving it a factory appearance.

Tonneau Gate was designed to be the most convenient tonneau cover ever made. It has also been designed to be the most attractive tonneau cover ever made. Handles and key locks on top of the topper are eliminated giving it a smooth custom look, similar to that of a car trunk. So, how do you open the "trunk"? Simple, to open or unlock Tonneau Gate you raise the license plate to reveal the hidden handle and locks. Another possible feature is a keyless barcode entry system, similar to what can be found on Ford vehicles or from a key fob.

The handle triggers latches on the tailgate and releases the striker bolt. The gas struts do their job which help raise, hold, and lower the tonneau cover. After that has taken place, you now have more access to the inside of your bed than ever before!

Other than being the most convenient and most attractive tonneau cover ever designed, Tonneau Gate also has been designed to be the most theft proof! There is no way to get access to the inside without unlocking it! There is no where to break in! It is impossible to open the cover if it is locked!

Tonneau Gate extends from one side of the bed rail to the other side. Giving your bed full and complete coverage. A flexible weather stripping seal follows each bed rail to help keep moisture out. Since the tailgate is being raised instead of being lowered, a better weather-tight seal on the bottom of the tailgate is possible, by almost eliminating the gap between the bumper or rollpan.

Staying within a trunk theme, an aftermarket carpet bed liner kit has been developed as well which really gives the bed a trunk appearance. Using Tonneau Gate will allow you to use any kind of bed liner that you want, be it carpet, plastic, or even a spray-in liner. Tonneau Gate will not get in the way of the placement of a bed liner. Tonneau Gate requires NO MODIFICATION to your truck in order to use it. Just remove your tailgate, bolt it on and you are finished!

Tonneau Gate is 100% street legal and is being displayed on a stock pickup to show what a production model could look like. By using a stock pickup it displays the tonneau cover better without getting lost in aftermarket accessories. This will give you, the consumer, a better idea of what it would look like on your truck... be it stock or customized.

The Tonneau Gate Prototype is 100% hand-built from the ground up. Tonneau Gate was built on a trial and error basis, though it is not perfect, you can understand what a production model will look like. Actual production models will be lighter weight with more elevation.

The One and Only... Tonneau Gate!
The One and Only... Tonneau Gate!
The One and Only... Tonneau Gate!
The One and Only... Tonneau Gate!
The One and Only... Tonneau Gate!
The One and Only... Tonneau Gate!

Be sure to cruise through the Jance Customs website (www.jancecustoms.com) to see how you can help to get Tonneau Gate into production and on the market!

Click here to visit the website!

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