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Pro Box Rocks!

Armor coated subwoofer boxes provide superior sound performance.
Text by Tommy Alexander | Photos Courtesey Audio Engineering

ProBox - Armor Coated Enclosures

Ok it all started when I was starting to have problems with my sub box giving me a lot of port noise. I have been puzzled for about a week or so. So I started posting in a few car audio message boards, but no one could really give me an exact answer since it's hard to diagnose over the Internet. I got some good answers from people, so I took it to a stereo shop and they gave me the same response that people had been giving to me over the Internet.

Next step was to start looking for a new box. I called around and went from place to place to get prices. the local prices were... a little pricey, so once again it was back to the message boards. This time I started posting for people who could build boxes. After about a month of posts, someone recommended I check out a company called Audio Engineering the builder of Pro Box, specialized custom subwoffer enclosures. So, I did.

After looking over their website, I couldn't find the exact box listed that I needed for my 12" sub. So, I emailed Pro Box to ask about my particular sub. At first I didn't receive a response and was concerned that maybe they didn't receive my email. So, I tried again and received a quick response the next day.

Now that I had a contact person, I started to describe exactly what I wanted. Pro Box informed me there was a box that was specifically built for my ride. The representative from Pro Box was nice enough to let me know a place to get the box local to save on shipping. My thought at this point was they really do care about their customers.

So, I went to the audio shop they referred me and purchased the box. I installed the box per their directions and I was very pleased! The sub didn't move around in the hole at all and was a perfect fit in the cutout. The sub was then put into the vehicle. Perfect fit, just as I expected.

Then it was time to turn on some tunes and see the difference this box made. I don't have anything else to say other than... WOW! This box made all the difference in the world and really made my sub come alive. It is no wonder that Audio Engineering has become the nation's leader in automobile subwoofer enclosures! Audio Engineering has over 20 years of sound design behind them which makes them a top contender in the custom audio market.

Pro Box enclosures are made of 5/8 grade A MDF, machined with CNC computer routers, and topped off with a textured black urethane finish (similar to Line-X) that's tough as nails. They are designed to load the bass in a vehicle to give extended wave length and maximum performance to the subwoofers.

I must also add that my overall experience with Pro Box is above and beyond expectations. So, if you need a box I recommend Pro Box... oh yeah and be sure to tell 'em sent ya!

Pro Box Rocks!

Pro Box Rocks! Pro Box Rocks!
Pro Box Rocks! Pro Box Rocks!

Be sure to cruise through the Pro Box website (www.ProBoxRocks.com) for more subwoofer enclosures!

Click here to visit the website!

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