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Resurrected By J.R. Janicek

Del Sargent is like a lot of sport truck enthusiasts who plan to keep things "simple" with a modest drop and 20-inch wheels. As you can see, Del fell off the beaten path a bit and has taken his 2003 GMC Sierra to the next level beyond the norm of simplicity, thanks to overwhelming influence from his fellow club members of Totally Tricked Minis & Customs.

Three years ago Del was rolling with a 4-6 static drop until the air bag bug bit him a year later. It was time for a few lower plans. In 2004 the truck went under the knife and every night after work Del, along with a few of his club friends, would work on getting an adjustable suspension mounted onto the stock chassis. The new suspension consists of an Air Ride setup with a very speedy engine driven compressor. With an engine driven compressor, Del gets an instant burst of air in the 2600lb air bags fitted at each corner which allows him to play around without holding up traffic.

With the suspension good-to-go, Del dropped his truck off at The Little Shop of Horrors of Leoma, Tennessee in April of 2005 to get some custom wheel tubs installed. Once installed, the truck was picked up in June of 2005 and then an unfortunate event happened on August 8, 2005. While Del was on the way home from work, a Dodge Neon pulled out in front of him nearly totaling out his custom ride. To say Del was a little disheartened is an understatement. Regardless, Del decided to push onward to get his ride ready for the 2006 show season.

With his truck in shambles, Del dropped it off at Grubb's Body Shop of Junction City, Kentucky, where the GMC was resurrected back into a cool hot rod sport truck. This time around Del decide to add a few more changes. The stock bumper was ditched for a molded in Sir Michaels steel roll pan and the tailgate handle was flipped to the inside. The stock taillights were shaved and a set of LED tails were grafted into the roll pan. The stake pocket holes in the bed rails were also shaved for a cleaner appearance. On the nose, a cowl induction hood covers the GMC power plant while black projector style TYC headlights and corner lenses give the nose an aggressive look. Finalizing the aggressive look, the stock grille was replaced with a billet grille insert and the huge stock mirrors were replaced with Street Scene Cal-vu sport mirrors.

Del was happy to have his truck back in working order and it was looking good, but he found himself scratching his head thinking it was missing something. Flames! To break up the jet black paint, Del enlisted Kirby's Cool Paint of Danville, Kentucky, to lay out a subtle rod styled red pinstripe that fades into a yellow flame for the side of the truck. The hood and tailgate also received the flame treatment. Finishing up the overall hot rod appearance package, Del decided to upgrade to a set of 22-inch Intro Twisted Vista 2 wheels that tuck nicely under each fenderwell.

In the cockpit of his custom hauler, Del kept the interior stock for the most part, but did add a few audio enhancements such as: Alpine in dash DVD player with a 6-inch touch screen monitor, a dash mounted CD changer, two 10-inch JL Audio subs mounted in a custom box behind the seat, and a Soundstream amp that powers the system. Finishing off the exterior components is an Intro billet steering wheel that matches his Twisted Vista billet wheels, NuImage flamed gauge face, and an Air Ride digital controller.

Under the hood, the stock intake was removed and replaced with a K&N intake and filter. Below the truck, a custom 3-inch exhaust was bent up and stuffed with a Flowmaster 40 series exhaust system. To improve the engine tune, a Super Chips Power Programmer was hooked up to the OBDII plug and allowed to run its course. To enable the truck to lay frame the fuse box, optima battery, and antifreeze coolant tank were relocated. Custom inner fenderwells were also hand fabbed to keep water, dirt, and other debris out of the engine compartment.

Once his hot rod truck was finished, Del was happy once again. Del has put the accident, which nearly shortened the life of his GMC, behind him and he plans to take the truck even further off the beaten path. For now, Del can be found with his hot rod Sierra at various truck shows in the Southeastern United States where he enjoys hitting switches and tuckin' 22-inches!

Shout Out: "I owe a huge shout out to Totally Tricked, they have helped me so much along the way and I couldn't hav done it without them. I am proud to be a member of the club! Special thanks also goes to Kirby's and Grubb's Bodyshop, Sportruck.com, Street Issue Customs, and all of my friends for their support... thanks!" -Del Sargent

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