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Paul Townsend is a an automotive artist that is currently serving his country in the U.S. Navy. When Paul isn't busy protecting his country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, he likes to draw cars, especially the custom type. Paul boasts that he has had no formal training what-so-ever, but has been drawing since he was knee high to an ant hill.

Paul's portfolio consists of t-shirt designs for several small and large car clubs, car shows, events, and individuals. Paul also does fantasy illustrations, project and concept design and pin-ups. He has even dabbled in photography within the Navy, and apparently does quite a bit of airbrushing, too. In 1992, Paul picked up an airbrush and that was it... he was hooked. Now, airbrusing is a major segment within his artistic talents.

Adding to his ever expanding portfolio of works, Paul has airbrushed items as small as car tags and as large as entire vehicles to include hoods, tailgates, interior items, guitars, motorcycles, mailboxes, textiles, and generally anything that will hold paint. What Paul likes most about airbrushing is the freedom that is granted to the artist, from the tightest lines, to shading and color mixing.

Paul's portfolio gives a true sense of what he does, but it also hints to government conspiracies, aliens, and other items of interest to him. All of this lends a bit of mystery to his work. Keeping his mind open to ideas and other possibilities has kept Paul going and has made his art a worthwhile endeavor.

To catch a glimpse of more examples of Paul's work, visit: MADhouseCustoms.com. Oh yeah, be sure to tell him that ESM sent ya!


This Acura is a project design illustration. The owner wanted to see subtle changes to his ride like the grille, slight lowering of the car, and clean lines throughout. He suggested a 2-tone paint of black and golden yellow, with dual 5-spoke black wheels.

Pontiac GTO 6-4

For this Camaro, Paul was going for a cartoon-ish and exaggerated look. Huge engine and blower, big meats tucked under the rear, and cool red paint with black racing stripes. Classic indeed!

Pontiac GTO

This GTO ispart of Paul's private collection, but based in the U.S. Navy tradition. The Navy Chief (E7-E9) are known as the "Goat Locker" and thus the use of a classic "Goat." It holds the traditional Navy blue and gold paint, with a khaki convertible top representing the khaki uniform the Navy Chiefs wear.

1959 Datsun 222

Long live the truly old school mini-truck! This is a 1965 Datsun that would look super cool cruising around the streets today. Paul smoothed out the truck, brought the bed in closer to meet the cabs body lines, and down to meet the lower part of the body. A clean interior and lowered stance seals the deal.

Honda Element

This Honda Element was a conceptual piece Paul did for a friend as a "what if" scenario. Basically, Paul left the body bone stock with the exception of smoothing the body a bit, then slamming it down over some huge wheels, tucking the meats under the fenders. Set this cool ride near the beach, sit back, relax, and watch the sun set!

VW Hot Rod

Going with the street rod look, this old Bug (yes, it's a VW) pushes the envelope. The wheelbase has been stretched and the stance has is low. Painted 5-spoke wheels, glossy black paint, and flames on the nose finish it off. Tying it all in, is a classic red tuck and roll interior with super-custom body work on the hood, doors, pillars, and deck lid. This is one cool street rod for sure!

1933 Tudor sedan

This street rod is a traditional, yet exaggerated, 1933 Tudor sedan. Paul wanted a cartoon look on this one similar to the muscle car mentioned earlier. The roof has been chopped, big wheels are tucked under each fender, flames dance down the side of the body, and bright blue paint completes the look.

For more on Paul Townsend visit: MADhouseCustoms.com

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