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Is It Really A Car Show? By J.R. Janicek

A colleague of mine recently went to a "car show" and after a rather lengthy trip there and back, he claimed it was more of a lifestyle event than car show. It seems these days there are promoters who constantly push their event as a "car show"... only the cars forget to show up! Instead of rows of beautifully slammed trucks, imports, muscle cars, and street rods, the only slamming going on is with the two guys fighting over some 4-foot 5-inch anorexic beauty that looks like she stuck her face in a tackle box. Yeah, that is the kind of car show I want to attend.

It kills me to no end when I spend time and money traveling to an event that is listed as the "must see car show event of the year" when in all actuality it is nothing more than a party-Mardi Gras style. Don't get me wrong I like a good party, especially Mardi Gras, but let's not call a party a car show, especially when editors are looking for coverage and features for the next issue of their respective rags, be it online or traditional print.

To me, instead of attending a lifestyle event, I would much rather go to a smaller car show that has quality rides present, along with some quality ladies, but sans tackle box facial ornamentation! Lifestyle shows rarely have any top shelf vehicles due to the nature of the event itself-lifestyle equals drunkenness along with a poor out of the way location (i.e. mud hole or similar) which in turn translates into possible damage to a nice custom car/truck. In fact, a close friend of mine once went to a so-called "car show of the year" with his custom truck and the promoter told him to not take it inside due to fear of possible damage during the event. For the rest of the weekend the promoter made sure the truck was in a secure location far away from the drunk youngsters that crowded and trashed the show grounds. I rest my case.

There is a time and place for everything, if a promoter wants a little lifestyle mixed with the show, have an after party away from the show cars/trucks. This will eliminate any possible damage to vehicles due to inebriated morons flexing muscles and more importantly those vehicles will keep coming back year after year, since the owners will not fear damage to their prized possessions.

Until next time... keep it legal and keep it safe.

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