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Get Covered! By James Smith

Most people have no clue just how dangerous it can be to take a car to a car show with no insurance or even under insurance! Just imagine what can happen if something were to go astray and there was no insurance protection in the event the paint gets scratched, the body gets dented, or the glass gets broken.

It's best to ensure that you possess plenty of insurance to cover more than the average losses, which usually means having more coverage than the majority hold on their autos. You must always make sure that you get an adequate amount of coverage to protect the auto without reference to what occurs. You must be aware of this before you take your prized ride to a car show-be it a small local show or a big international show.

Take the opportunity to thoroughly examine all the information in your current policy to establish where your coverage is lacking. You may be able to modify your existing policy or you might need to buy a supplemental policy to fill in the gaps. Regardless of which method you decide to take, you need to make sure that the entire car is covered!

You need to take note that show cars carry a much heavier price when it comes to resale. You will discover after an incident happens that your insurance will only cover a share of the car. Always talk to your insurance agent and make sure that you have enough coverage to pay for a full repair in the event of damage while at a show. Don't get caught off guard if your auto insurance supports scratches to paint while at a car show, but you find out that your vehicle can only receive up to $1,000 in insurance money. You need to review your policy and supplemental policies and make certain that all damage is paid for.

Choosing good insurance will make sure that you're able to enjoy your show car all of the time and that you will have the ability to cover costly repairs after a car show should it be necessary. Most people have more coverage than they will ever need on their show cars, but it is worth the time to double check your coverage so if a problem occurs you will know that your appreciated automobile will be repaired.

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