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Street Machines Mall Auto Show 2009

The Street Machines of Rochester is a socially active auto club located in the town of Greece in New York State, which is near the outskirts of Rochester. Though their larger premiere event happens in the summer, this club kicks off the show season at the beginning of spring with an annual indoor show at the Greece-Ridge Centre Mall and this year they also added another indoor event called Motor Mania which was featured in the January-April 2009 issue of ESM. Both shows are simply a preview of things to come in the annual outdoor Street Machines Auto Show (look for it in the next issue of ESM).

The indoor Street Machines Auto Show is a small, three-day event, but usually has around 30+ custom autos on display which isn't bad since there is limited space. This show is an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to introduce their rides to the general public as well as promote the custom automotive hobby. Also, because this show is indoor, the weather doesn't matter! So, if you are in the area when this show is happening, check it out and you will get to see some cool rides.

For information on Street Machines of Rochester events, visit their website at: www.streetmachinesofrochester.com

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