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Cruisfest Nationals 2009

If you came to Cruisefest ever, you know what you are in for. For those of you that have been sheltered or left in the dark and don't know what Cruisefest is all about all I can say is that it is the Mardi Gras of car shows. The only true way to give this show justice is to see it with your own eyes.

After bouncing around for a few years, Cruisefest finally found a permanent home. It is currently located near Columbus, Ohio in Licking County at a nice place known by the locals as the Frontier Ranch.

The show features custom rides from all across the country. Whatever your taste, there are cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, dirt bikes, ATVs, or anything else you can think of in attendance. However, vehicles are not the only thing you will get while you are at Cruisefest... not by a long shot.

Do you like to party? Cruisefest is known for its Mardi Gras type atmosphere and when it comes to car shows it may be the absolute biggest car show party around and truly the wildest! The party lasts 24-7 for the entire weekend--day and night.

Cruisefest has its share of events, too. everything from a parade of neons, low-rider hop and burn out competitions to a bikini contest, wet-t-shirt contest and more. There is an unlimited supply of sites and sounds to wet your party palate.

Is there more? You will just have to see for yourself sometime by making a visit to the Frontier Ranch. Until then...

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