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Slammin & Jammin 2009

The sun was shining, birds were singing, speakers pounding, and wheels a blinging, Ladies showing off their sexy bodies, Trucks draggin', frame and body. Tuners revving up their awesome motors, Everything cleaned, even rotors... That's right, if you haven't figured out what I'm talking about, it's the 16th Annual Slammin' and Jammin' Car and Truck show that was held in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The 16th Annual Event was one of the best that has been held to date. Charlie and his crew arrived early in the week to set up the event site, including the stage, trophies, fences, signs, and well... everything else. Right away there were several vendors rolling in, making sure they had the best location possible. Then the clubs started rolling in, we had reps from Acrophobia, Severed Ties, Relaxed Atmosphere, Negative Camber, No Regrets, and more of the nation's most well known, and biggest clubs showing up to claim their spots. The weather held up on Friday and Saturday, but the rain busted loose on Sunday for a few hours in the morning.

Falken Tire rolled in with a very lovely spokesmodel and a variety of wheels and tires to check out. Erik Harbor and the Kinetik Batteries crew was there as always in full force showing off some of their hottest Relaxed Atmosphere Vehicles. Tony Syms and his wife Kim from Chromed Out Customs brought a very wide variety of the hottest wheels on the market for your viewing pleasure and hosted a D'Vinci wheel giveaway. Rent -N- Roll brought many sets of wheels and tires to show off and sell at the show.

There were plenty of events at this year's show as always, such as the ever popular burnout contest, the infamous bikini contest (with over 30 participants), a neon contest, and hydraulics hopping exhibition. With over 1,200 participants and 10,000 spectators, this was one of the biggest and best Slammin and Jammin' shows to date, but we assure you, Charlie and his crew will be back next year in Lebanon, Tennessee, for the 17th Annual Slammin' and Jammin' Car and Truck Show. For more information visit: www.Autoshows.cc.

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