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Slamology 2009

Slamology-The Study of Slam, presented by Gauge Magazine, has everything that you love about the Indiana car show experience which is now incorporated into this two-day event, held a the Marion County Fairgrounds. There where well over 200+ cars and trucks in attendance this year. Perfect 10 Models put on a very good bikini show, live bands and DJs kept the air filled with music, there was also a hydro contest, Air Ride contest... lots to do and see. If you stop and take a look around at any point in the weekend you'll notice there is no chaos, no congestion, and no mess-- Donnie Babb and his crew put on a well organized event! The dates for next year's event are set: June 18-20, 2010. For more information on Slamology future events, visit: www.slamology.com.

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