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Southeast Mini-Truckin Nationals 2009

For those of you that are old-school minitruckers you may recognize the name "Mini-Truckin Nationals." The name is nostalgic and synonymous with cruisin', showin' off your truck, and havin' an all around damn good time! In the beginning, this truck show was held in the town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a legendary tourist trap packed with all kinds of entertainment as well as other attractions that will some how make your wallet light, but your memories heavy. With all things, as time progresses changes take place--some good and some not so good.

In recent years, this show has fallen out of favor and has moved from various venues trying to find a home that would be affordable while retaining its core foundation on which it started, a sort of grand mini-truckin' revival. The show was moved out of Tennessee in 2008 and into the mountains of North Carolina in a small town called Maggie Valley. When the original owner, Charlie Cobble, decided to call it quits after a poor turnout in 2008, an enthusiastic mini-trucker, John Dunn, stepped up to take control of the helm and steer "the ship" from stormy waters and into a safe harbor, one that could help this legendary show retain its former glory.

John Dunn marketed his newly acquired 2009 Southeast Mini Truckin' Nationals event with plans of returning the show to greatness. The show started Friday morning which allowed participants and spectators to get checked in and judged early, so they could sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Saturday offered tons of club games, including the infamous hot sauce chug. Several other games kept the crowd busy while live bands, Down Cast and Limo Wreck, played some tunes to keep the atmosphere alive.

At twilight, show participants and spectators gathered at the parking lot of Ghost Town In the Sky amusement park, for the draggin' and lowest ride contests. After a late night of cruisin' and hangin' out with friends, Sunday brought the festivities to a close with awards being presented shortly after lunch. For more information on future events visit: www.minitruckinnats.com.

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