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5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature

Performance car enthusiasts will enjoy the classic design and modern technology of the Sunpro 5-inch Super Tach III tachometer. Sheathed in a solid metal casing decked with a striking reflective chrome finish, the Super Tach III features aerodynamic relief vents adorning each side of the parabolic-shaped housing, accentuating its streamlined styling.

Perched atop is a prominent blue shift light that complements the tachometer's retro, two-tone dial face graphics. Adjustable shift light and RPM set-point controls are sculpted for a seamless fit inside the bezel.

Vibration proof air-core meter construction ensures the Super Tach III is accurate and reliable with fast needle response. It features a large 5-inch dial face and 0 - 10,000 REV scale. Internal settings can be adjusted for one-, two-, three-, four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines. An adjustable swivel mounting foot allows for positioning at a variety of angles.

Whether you're driving a 1965 or a 2005 muscle car, the Super Tach III looks at home on the dashboard. So we traveled to Ohio Technical College in Cleveland, Ohio, where students were installing a Super Tach III on the school's 1987 Corvette. Below is a step-by-step guide to adding a Sunpro Tachometer to your vehicle.

  • Vehicle: 1987 Chevrolet Corvette
  • Product: CP7905 SunproŽ 5" Super Tach IIIT Tachometer
  • Applications: The tachometer is designed for use on 12-volt negative ground 4-cycle automotive type engines.
  • Install Time: 1 Hour
  • Install Difficulty: Easy

5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Tools required to install the Sunpro 5” Super Tach III. CP7905 contains an installation hardware kit consisting of a Tachometer Mounting Base Pad, 1/4" Quick Connect Receptacle, Grommet, Hex Key Wrench, Wire Splices, Ring Terminals and #10 x 5/8" Self-Tapping Screw.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Sunpro 5" Super Tach III
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Remove plastic casings surrounding gauge cluster and radio. Carefully pull radio out of dock without disconnecting wires.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Splice the white wire from the tachometer to the dark green wire coming from the headlight switch/dimmer switch unit. For personal safety and to prevent possible damage to your vehicle's electrical system, disconnect the negative battery cable during the installation.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Connect the black wire to the negative battery terminal or a clean unpainted chassis ground using a ring terminal or other suitable means such as solder, electrical tape or butt connectors. Connect the red wire to any vehicle harness wire energized with battery voltage when the ignition key is in the "On" position. We used the orange wire coming from the ignition switch.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
The '87 Corvette has an electronic spark timing distributor with an HEI module. Splice the green wire to the white wire on the distributor. This wire provides the tachometer with the engine RPM signal. For this specific installation, a longer wire was required to connect to the distributor, which explains why the image shows a white wire.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Mark hole locations and drill holes for mounting bracket and install the two provided #10 screws. The Sunpro Super Tach III is designed to be mounted on any flat or curved surface, or on the steering column. For this install, the bracket was fixed to the side of the radio panel that was earlier removed.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Reattach the plastic coverings surrounding the gauge cluster and radio. Connect the steel cylinder to the mounting bracket and carefully set the gauge inside.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Tighten the button head screws.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Adjust the Shift Light. To view the Shift Light trip point, push and hold the lower knob. To set the Shift Light trip point, push and hold lower knob and push and rotate the upper knob at the same time. You will need both hands free to set the Shift Light trip point.
5-inch Tachometer Installation Feature
Sunpro's 5" Super Tach III is fully installed and ready to enjoy!

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15825 Industrial Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44135

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